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Why eating raw food long term isn't as easy
as most raw food coaches, teachers
and gurus make it out to be

Do you feel confused with all the different raw food diets out there? Do you wonder which one is right for you?

Going raw can be harder than you first imagine. Some people promoting raw foods are doing so in such a dangerous way that people are becoming obsessed with food, attracting those who already have food issues and are giving advice that's bound to lead to long term illness. Some raw food coaches are using photos of themselves that are ten or more years out of date and are still giving outdated raw food advice that doesn't take into account all the nutritional needs you and your family have, which has led to both adults and children becoming ill. Some raw food gurus look way too old for their years because their diet has caused their skin to age prematurely. Some raw food authors just regurgitate the advice of others without doing any real research of their own, so you end up with "Chinese Whispers" advice. You simply can't risk taking advice from people who are "experimenting on themselves" in such an extreme way because it may cost you your health.

Are you worried that you'll become deficient on raw food? We've all heard the stories, right?

It's normal to be worried. I've seen countless raw children with deficiencies because their parents were given the wrong advice about raising children raw. These deficiencies look like stunted growth, mis-shaped heads, bird-like bones and very bad, dissolved teeth. Some parents are so brainwashed to believe their children's restricted diets are right, that they call these "detox symptoms". Even if you aren't raising your kids raw, following this same alarmingly common raw food advice for yourself will lead to severe malnourishment over time. You may find your teeth rotting, your bones becoming weak and your body breaking down. It's just too dangerous to eat a raw food diet that causes deficiencies.

Do you wonder how on earth you're supposed to spend all that time making raw food? You have a life, after all!

I've seen this so many times. People get into raw food because they hear about the benefits of it, but they get carried away with all those recipe books and suddenly they lose their life and become a slave to their kitchen. It might be fun for a while but soon they grow tired of all that raw food prep, and they inevitably reach for more unhealthy cooked food once again.

Are you wondering how do you mingle with "normal" people when you're raw? Are you worried that people will criticise you if you eat raw food?

Some people will only mix with other raw foodists either because they've been criticised for eating raw food by others or because they think raw foodists are superior beings. Their social circles shrink, they only go to raw food events, some even ignore their own parents because they're not raw. Eventually, they only mix with people who eat their particular type of raw food diet, restricting their social lives even more, which leads to erratic and unusual behaviour like captive zoo animals. It's horrible to see, and it makes raw foodsim look like a cult, which it isn't ;-)

Do you have a family and can't imagine introducing raw food to them, too?

Many aspiring raw foodists fall at this hurdle. They simply can't figure out how to make two meals -- theirs and their family's. Or they don't want to because they don't want to make cooked food. Or they force raw food on their family against their will. Or even worse, they even leave their family to fend for themselves! You don't need to make it this difficult for anyone, let alone those you love!

Is your budget a bit tighter than you'd like and you're worried that you won't be able to afford raw food?

This is one of the top reasons people fail with raw food. It's way too easy to spend every penny you have on raw food, raw food equipment and raw food information. You're determined to get it right, you want to eat the best food on the planet, but it all costs, doesn't it? And then there's the worry that you can be buying completely the wrong foods, the wrong equipment and getting access to completely the wrong information. This eventually makes you unhealthier and worse off than you were in the first place. Feeling trapped, many people go back to eating cooked foods because they are just too confused as to what to spend their hard earned money on.

Have you already tried to go raw, and just can't make it stick?

It happens. A lot. Due to bad advice, so many people go raw, can't sustain it, and go back to cooked food. They feel worse each time it happens as their bodies try to adjust to these radical and repeated dietary changes. They feel confused due to all the conflicting dietary information out there, and so they end up bouncing between diets until they crash and burn.

raw food course ShazzieWho am I and why am I dedicated to helping you overcome your weight, health and energy problems?

My name is Shazzie and I’m a raw food TV Presenter, author of five books and have blogged about raw food since 2000.

When I was 30, I was feeling so awful about my life and health, I decided to go raw. It was the best decision I've ever made. You may recognise some of my struggles in yourself. I'm not telling you about my journey to boast that "I've made it" but to let you know that when you feel there's no light at the end of your tunnel…. there really is. And I want you to find it...

Before I went raw,
I was in so much pain

I suffered from constant aches, pains and headaches. I was lonely, isolated and depressed. I was ready to "do away with myself" unless I could find a cure for the way I felt.

The health of my family was no better, and whenever I looked at them to see how I'd turn out in 20 years I was truly horrified. Close members of my family suffered all the diseases that are accepted as normal but unfortunate these days. I didn't want to end up like like that but as I was related to them, what chance did I have? Without radically changing something in my life, I don't think I had much of a chance at all. After all, I was a next generation runt, my illnesses were bound to have been bigger!

So without boring you with everything that was wrong with me, (and there was already a big list building up) here's the abridged version. See how many of these symptoms you recognise in yourself:

I couldn't take any more

Stuck in a place of self hate, self pity, depression, tiredness, being overweight and hating myself for not being grateful for all I had, I finally gave myself an ultimatum: "Either do something about this state of your life or kill yourself. You are not going to continue living like this any longer". Well, I didn't kill myself...

I turned myself around

Though I felt like there was nothing left inside me, I was determined to claw my way out of this hole. I started to read nutrition books, went on confidence and assertiveness courses, took some supplements, experimented with natural anti-depressants, threw wheat and soya out of my life (got it back in again a few times, too), drank much less coffee, had some alternative therapies and ate a lot more raw foods.

It wasn't long before I started to feel a little better, and for the first time in my life I wanted to start living fully. I wanted to lose that weight. I wanted to reduce my risk of illness. I wanted to be happy though I didn't even know what real happiness was.

In the new year of 2000, I made the commitment to go raw. I didn't know exactly how to do it, because there was little information out at that time. It just felt like the right thing to do after all I'd read in the past year. I understood why my life had been such a struggle. And I understood about generations degenerating -- I was from weak stock and had been eating dead food since before I was conceived. No wonder I felt like such a runt. I knew I'd never be the fittest, healthiest person in the world, but I could rejuvenate, remove the toxins in my cells, and finally become healthy!

The end of the beginning

It's now fourteen years since I went raw, and it did change everything. I now have my own raw food TV show! I moved houses several times, I lived in Spain for two years, I have a daughter who was born in 2004. Oh, and I started Europe's most successful raw foobusiness. I look different (I've barely aged), I feel different (I'm eternally happy). I'm so glad, so very very glad that the Universe put me on this path.

I'm also glad that I kept notes of how I felt before I went raw, and during, as I had forgotten the deep despair I used to feel. I remember feeling depressed, but that enormous black cloud which used to engulf me had long gone from my memory. It took me a while to recover, and it still seems like a dream that I don't have to sleep in the middle of the day, and my aches and pains are gone. When I treat myself correctly -- when I get enough sleep, do yoga, meditate and eat the right raw foods -- I feel fantastic. It just takes time and practice to get used to that fantastic feeling, to know we are worth it.

I can't imagine how I would feel right now if I hadn't gone raw, I'm not actually certain I'd be alive. Everything I've experienced since being raw has been nothing short of magical. This is a different life. It's real. It has to be experienced...

These untouched before and after photos show you the depth of the transformation I went through.

Raw food course Shazzie transformation

Raw food transformed me from a zombie
into an internationally sought after health superstar!

Shazzie TVSince then I've been featured in the media hundreds of times:

TV shows: The Active Channel (Presenter), Channel 4, Channel 5, BBC Four, Good Food.

Radio stations: Radio 5 Live, BBC Radio London, many local stations.

Newspapers and magazines: Closer Magazine, The Daily Telegraph, The Green Parent Magazine, Vegetarian Living, Yoga Magazine, Get Fresh Magazine, That's Life Magazine, The Independent, Woman Magazine, The Guardian, The Observer, The Eastern Daily Press, The Sunday People, Style Magazine, What Medicine?, Natural Beauty and Health Magazine (USA), Natural Health And Beauty Magazine, Time Out (Dubai) and many more.

During my many years of being raw, my mental and physical health has been excellent. In that whole time, I’ve never once gone to the doctor with an “illness”, though I've learned some pretty neat self-medicating tricks that I'd love to share with you!

I have spent years with my head in science and nutrition papers and books, finally piecing together what I believe is the most successful raw food diet style available today. No stranger to controversy within our raw food culture, I have raised and resolved many issues that were previously ignored by all the best-known raw food educators. I certainly don't want to be the most popular educator, or to achieve guru status. I just want to bring you the "raw truth" about health and wellbeing, so you can experience your very own vibrant and ecstatic transformation too.

The ultimate raw food diet plan finally revealed

Imagine a diet plan that:

It took me years of studying, researching, making mistakes and spending thousands of £s and $s buying foods, supplements and equipment to find out the very best way of thriving on the raw food diet. If I'd had New 2 Raw when I got started, things would have been much simpler and cheaper for me. Some of the advice I took before I worked out this system left me with little money in my pocket and with worse health than before. Thank goodness it can be different for you because, for the first time ever, I'm making all this information available to you with this New 2 Raw home study course.

Let me help you go raw the simple and safe way

After all these years, I've discovered that there are 3 key steps to becoming successfully raw without looking old, getting deficient or going crazy!

1) Eat more green food than anything else

It's a wonderful dream that we can get away with eating loads of fruit and not much else. Maybe like you, I tried it for a long time. Weirdly, I lost the use of my legs for two weeks after about 18 months on a high-fruit raw food diet. My friends also tried it. Their teeth went seethrough. They lost their strength. Their va-va-voom, their mojo disappeared. They got that crazy look in their eyes, the darting eye look, you may have seen it in people. Many of them went back to cooked food.

It's not bad to eat fruit, you just have to temper it with a lot of greens. A lot. I found a new strength, stamina and groundedness when I started adding massive amounts of fresh and powdered greens into my diet.

Try it for yourself. Make a big green juice a day out of celery, cucumber, parsley, coriander, even a spoonful of chlorella, and really feel the difference. Enjoy a raw warm soup made with grounding greens and some chia, avocado, spices, herbs and some alfalfa sprouts on top. Enjoy the variety that more greens in your diet gives you. Try adding wheatgrass juice or powder to your smoothies. Above all, eat as many greens or their juices as you possibly can and it will be much easier to stay successfully raw long term.

2) Take specific supplements

The "normal" raw food diet is vegan. I'm vegan, and have been for almost 30 years (all my adult life). Like me, you probably love the vegan lifestyle, how it makes you feel to be able to avoid animal cruelty. But there are some nutrients that are absent or hard to find on a vegan diet. Some are well documented, such as vitamin B12, some aren't so well documented.

As part of my endless research in how to live successfully raw vegan for the rest of your life, I worked out all the nutrients that may be absent or low in a raw foodist's diet. I then wrote about different ways to get them.

For example, vitamin K2 is essential for good bones and teeth. It's a fat soluble vitamin that helps your body absorb minerals. You see, it doesn't matter how many green smoothies you drink, you can't absorb minerals in the absence of fat soluble vitamins.

I have seen many raw children with dissolved teeth and growth problems, and that was probably because they weren't getting vitamin K2 in their diet. Raw foodists get lots of vitamin K1 in their diet from green leafy foods but they can't convert it to vitamin K2 very well as humans aren't designed to do that. Animals such as cows and goats can do this really well, and vitamin K2 is abundant in their offal and milk products. If you're a vegan you might not want to consume offal and milk products! I suggest you take a vitamin tablet to get vitamin K2 if you want to remain vegan, but there are also a few foodstuffs where you can get it from, too.

There are about ten nutrients like vitamin K2 that vegans need to be aware of if they want optimal health for life. Raw vegans need to be even more aware because, unlike cooked vegans, they aren't eating foods that are fortified with extra vitamins and minerals. This is a huge subject and I have given you the full lowdown in New 2 Raw.

3) You don't have to be 100% raw to benefit from a raw food diet

Most of the people I've taught aren't 100% raw and have no intention of being. For their own reasons, they sometimes add some cooked food to their diet. Some are busy, some are always networking in restaurants, some have families and want to eat with them, some just like cooked food. Yet they all have this in common: They love the way raw food makes them feel. So they make sure they have at least 50% of their food (in weight) raw, in every meal, and that makes them feel great.

This is a wonderful way to stay sane on raw food. It stops bingeing. It stops overeating. It stops guilt. It stops food obsessions. If you are committed to being raw whenever it's possible, yet you allow (without any judgement on yourself) some cooked food into your world, you'll still be emotionally stable, happy and healthy. And when you find out in New 2 Raw which foods pack more punch than the others, you'll be able to make all your raw food choices so nutritious, a little bit of cooked food here and there won't matter at all.

Raw food courseThe most comprehensive "go raw"
guidance ever created

This proven, manageable step-by-step plan will help you become a raw foodist quickly and simply. It's the nearest I can get to holding your hand in your kitchen as you embark on the transformation of a lifetime. I’ve only been able to develop this plan as I’ve worked closely alongside thousands of people who have embarked upon the journey of going raw. New 2 Raw has every base covered from recipes, to motivation, to relaxation to psychology.

Here's what's included in New 2 Raw


Raw food book23 Days To Raw Food Heaven
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Detox guide

Detox Helpers
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Raw food quickstart

Raw Food Quickstart
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Raw food affirmations

Wake Up Thinking Raw
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Don't worry! Really, I've got that bit covered for you. I am offering you a NO RISK, NO QUESTIONS ASKED guarantee. You can try my system for the next 30 days to see if you get the results you deserve.

If you use the protocols I've included in this system for the next 30 days and they don't help you go and stay raw, just let me know. I'll happily return every penny of your investment.

No questions asked and no need to prove you tried and failed.

I'm not scared to take on all this risk myself because I know my system works. It's worked for thousands of people worldwide, and it will work for you.

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Is this course right for you?

Just how committed are you to becoming a successful healthy long term raw foodist? How committed are you to getting the results we've just been talking about? If you're not really committed, if you don't care if you succeed or fail with raw food, then please stop reading this now. This course isn't for you.

If you are committed to becoming a successful healthy long term raw foodist, keep reading.

Why is now the best time for you to take action?

Many people say to me "I'll go raw when it's warmer" or "I'll go raw when the kids have grown up" and I look at them! Yes, I give them THAT look! That means "I'll start looking after myself in a time that doesn't exist". This isn't self love, this is self harm! The only time to do anything is NOW! We are on the edge of a planetary emergency. If we don't get ourselves out of that cooked fog, we might just end up being toast! Self love, self respect and self care are the order of the day. Only now, do we have the chance for personal and global transformation. Only ever now.

You just can't expect better results when you do the same thing over and over again...

If you don't want to go raw now, that's OK but please consider what will happen if you put this off. You may continue to suffer with problems like:

And that's OK. Really, it is. I know how tempting it can be to procrastinate and put this off. I suffered for years, ignoring all these problems and more and it's because of that I'm committed to helping other people like you to stop procrastinating and move forward into a happier and healthier life.

When are you going to be ready to change your life?

If you're like me, the answer is simple:

Enough is enough. Right NOW, it changes.

So, if you've had enough and you are ready for change, then go raw with me now

You deserve to feel good, happy, full of life. You deserve to look ten years younger. You deserve to feel radiant, like a beacon leading the way. You deserve to enjoy everything about yourself. You deserve to have a clear mind, a healthy body and a positive outlook. You deserve to love yourself and your life, unapologetically. You deserve the very best life has to offer you. And you deserve to do this now, and for the rest of your amazing beautiful raw life.

I believe in you. I know you'll make the right decision.

New 2 Raw

Bliss U

TV Presenter, author and raw foodist

What you say

"Shazzie is inspirational, she looks incredible, walks the walk and shares all her fabulous ideas like a true sister!"

-- Janey Lee Grace, UK, TV and radio star

"It has helped me IMMENSELY on the long, slow road to recovery from cooked food addiction, obesity, and other degenerative health problems. I'm making my third stab at raw and my first at 100% and it is just smashing."

-- Kristen, USA

"I just can't get enough of your products, Shazzie."

-- Albert Framer, UK

"You are truly an inspiration! Thank you for living your divine purpose."
-- Asia, USA

"You know what... I've been on a journey for many years... detoxing, fasting, yogaing, doing enemas, colonics, juices, smoothies, raw, 7 day diets... yet I get the most amazing inspiration from you Shazzie! You are a light, darling and I would so love to hook up with you one day."

-- Helena, UK

"Thank you, Shazzie, you are an inspiration to me!!!!! Your books help me in life.....You are a special person!!!! X"

-- Erminia Polessi

"Really mindblowing. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you."

-- Madeleine, UK

"Wow. Words do not do justice. Electric and loving are some -- could be on a deserted island with this incredible lady!"

-- Anna Victoria Rodgers, Miss Eco Glam

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